Unleashing Your Power as a Woman

It is time now to acknowledge that women need to take a lead in healing our hurting world. Traits commonly thought of as feminine such as empathy and kindness are the only possible antidotes to greed and aggression.

The problem is that for centuries the true nature of women has been repressed and maligned. We have been called witches and drowned. We have been called hysterical and locked up. We are still not paid enough and sadly cannot necessarily be safe on the streets after dark.

What if the things that we have been punished and maligned for are the things that we need at the moment? In the case of witches it was our intuition that was being attacked. In the case of being labelled with hysteria it was being in touch with our emotions that was seen as a negative. What is wrong with these attributes? Absolutely nothing. In fact they are attributes that should be celebrated. The trouble is that many women have been convinced that these attributes are undesirable and as a result shun them. This results, not only in the world missing out on these much needed traits, but also in women feeling repressed, numb and dissatisfied.

I’ll talk a lot in my blog about creativity and I do think it is worth mentioning here. Creativity is a powerful tool for change and a gauge for what is going on in our times. Tellingly women have not been taken seriously as creators in the same way as men. Progress is being made but it is slow. In 2015 a $25 million Bourgeois was the only work by a woman to make the list of the top 100 lots sold at auction, where Picasso’s Les femmes d’Alger (1955) sold for $160 million, an all-time record for an artwork at auction.

It can be difficult to think about taking the lead when, as women we are tired, tried and probably tearful. During the pandemic women have come off worse than everyone. Women were the most likely to lose their job. It generally fell to women to take on the task of homeschooling and many also continued working. The pandemic aside, we are not safe on the streets and we cannot even hold a vigil for a murdered woman without being forcibly held down by policeman. But perhaps that is precisely why we need to take the lead, why we need to find and celebrate our goddess within. She is there, I promise. You are amazing.

I’m not saying that we all need to make some huge gesture like write a book or start a movement. Often it is about the little things. Little things have a ripple effect. Perhaps it is about allowing yourself to express yourself creatively. Perhaps it is about embracing your emotions rather than pushing them down. It may be about having a new self-care regime, because it is powerful to model this to your family and it means you will have more energy to take on the world. What is very certain that the changes we need in this world often start with self-love. We need to embrace our goddess within who has been ignored for far too long.

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