The Goddess Within Value Audit

When exploring our values it can be helpful to break them down into groups because there are so many different types of values. For instance, love might be an important value to us but so might sustainability. These values live in a different part of our lives. Grouping values (for example love is an emotional value and feminism is a cause based value) can help us to identify any lack of balance in our life. For instance we may be constantly looking for love and not feel very fulfilled. Perhaps, in that case, we may need to focus on some of our other values like feminism, knowledge or nature.

The different value groupings I have identified are as follows:

  • Morals and ethics. This can include values such as loyalty, honesty and integrity. Knowing what our key moral and ethical value or values are can help us be sure of our moral compass. If we value honesty over all else, for instance, this may help us to work out what to do when the choice is between being loyal to a friend or being honest with a different friend.
  • Ideological. This includes values like freedom, justice and equality. Knowing we value freedom above many other things can help us to feel more comfortable when we make certain decisions because we know that freedom comes at a cost.
  • Interpersonal. What is important to us when it comes to our connections with other people? We may particularly value compassion, community, collaboration or trust, for instance.
  • Occupational. This is purely about what we want to spend our time doing. We may be particularly interested in adventure, knowledge or creativity, for example. If we find that we are bored or unfulfilled at work we might realise our job isn’t as creative as it used to be so we may want to move on.
  • Emotional. Notions like vulnerability, love or humour might be very important to us or we may realise we need to do something to bring more of one of these values into our life.
  • Character. This includes values like authenticity, determination and humour. If things aren’t going to plan we can check in with ourselves regarding if we have been fully authentic or if we are lacking our usual determination.
  • Cause based. There are lots of causes to be committed to at the moment. These include sustainability, feminism or Black Lives Matter. It can be easy to try and stand for many causes, which isn’t feasible. We may decide it is best to focus fully on one of these causes (whilst also bearing in mind other causes when we can).
  • Wellbeing. Values relating to the wellbeing of ourselves and of others can include balance, connection and fitness. If we realise we don’t know what our values in this area it is probably a good idea to explore what is most important or lacking.

When it comes to unleashing our goddess within it is essential to explore what our key values are (perhaps decide on four or five) and work out how we can embed them in our life. Living and breathing our true values is a key part of unleashing the Goddess Within. Be free Goddess Within, be free!

In my next blog I’ll explore how we can (further) embed our values.

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