Fable: The Woman With a Stone in her Throat

There was a woman who had a stone in her throat. She tried to ignore it but it impacted her greatly. She felt heavy inside so that her shoulders and head hung downwards. Her heaviness also meant that she found it difficult to get up in the morning and she found it nearly impossible to speak.

Her difficulty in speaking meant that she found it problematic to tell healers about her plight. They’d simply just look at her quizzically and tell her to gargle with salt water, something that dismayed and baffled her greatly. How could salt water dislodge something so old and entrenched?

Due to her condition there were limited occupations available to her so she ended up working at the local quarry shifting stones. There was something about her lumbering gait which suited the work and what difference would many more stones make when she had one lodged inside her?

One day, in what she said was a last ditch attempt to heal her life, she went to see a different healer who didn’t tell her to gargle with salt water. s
She didn’t look at her as if she was annoying or even lying like the others had done. She tried to listen to the woman and whilst she couldn’t fully understand what she was saying she at least tried.

Whilst the stone was still there it wasn’t so uncomfortable and she found it a little easier to get up in the mornings. Her gait wasn’t as lumbering as it had been and she wondered if working at the quarry continued to serve her. Now that she stood and walked a little straighter she found piling the stones one upon the other an uncomfortable pastime.

One sunny Monday morning she set down a particularly large rock and then found herself stretching to the sky. Effortlessly and it seemed involuntarily she said: ‘I don’t want to do this anymore!’ Everyone turned and looked at her. Finally she had been heard. The stone finally dislodged from her throat. She held it in her hand and looked at it.

She was surprised to see that the stone was beautiful. She had always imagined it to be an ugly thing but it was a painted stone with magentas, pinks and whites. She took it to her healer and said: ‘I’m surprised it’s so lovely!’ The healer said to her: ‘of course it is, it’s come from you. It doesn’t serve you well inside you but perhaps you should keep it so you can look at it from time to time.’

She did what the healer said and kept the stone on her mantelpiece. It reminded her of the day she finally spoke her truth.

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