About Me

Beth Roberts

Counsellor, coach, writer and creative soul

I am a qualified therapist, coach and writer with an interest in all things creative and these pages are where my therapeutic and creative lives meet!

Before opening my counselling and coaching practice I worked in Human Resources. That certainly gave me a good insight into the world of work and careers which is really helpful as a counsellor and coach. However, HR wasn’t the right career for me. I was miserable working in an open plan office and it became very clear that the career wasn’t aligned with my personal values and passions. Sadly I had been pushing down these values and passions for a very long time (along with some other really important wants and needs in my life).

I was over the moon when I finally qualified as a counsellor and was able to set up my therapy practice. Now I am also focussing on my writing career (both fiction and non-fiction, watch this space!) as writing has always been a big. love. In my spare time I enjoy other creative endeavours such as art and singing.

I am sadly aware of how difficult it is, as a woman, to be your true self and to feel empowered and free. This is down to all the messages we receive from families, communities and media. I feel I have come a long way myself in making sense of it all and becoming empowered (although there is still a way to go!) so I want to share what I have learned with others.

I also want to focus on the importance and significance of creativity in our lives and how it can help set you free. Many of us are cut off from our creative side because we are told that it isn’t important or perhaps we are held back because we believe our creative projects won’t be good enough (when actually creativity shouldn’t be about whether it is ‘good’ or not).

I hope you enjoy the blog and also the creative bits and pieces that I will add over time. Please join in with the discussion or sit back and read, whatever is right for you.